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Why I am Running

Hello Leander ISD Community,


I am running for re-election as your LISD Board of Trustee, Place 4. I am deeply committed to the vision of our district because we embrace inclusion, strive for excellence, and support every student, educator, and family in our community.

​I am not done advocating for our public schools in Leander ISD and I ask you to join me in my re-election campaign. Let’s continue to advocate like a mother for our #1LISD community. 

 Advocate for Special Education
  • Ensure equitable access to resources and support for students with disabilities across Leander  ISD.

  • Advocate for innovative teaching practices and environments to address the diverse learning requirements of students with disabilities.

  • Collaborate with educators, parents, and advocacy groups to develop policies that promote inclusivity and empower every student to succeed in Leander ISD.


Strategic Long-Range Planning for Educational Success
  • Develop and implement comprehensive, data-driven long-range plans to address current   challenges and prepare for the future of Texas public education.

  • Engage stakeholders, including teachers, administrators, parents, and community members, in the planning process to ensure diverse perspectives and needs are considered.

  • Prioritize sustainability, innovation, and adaptability in long-term educational strategies to support continuous improvement and growth.


Academic Excellence in Leander ISD

  • Promote and advocate for innovative teaching practices to foster excellence and prepare students for success in college, career, and beyond.

  • Advocate for increased investment in teacher professional development, classroom resources, and technology to enhance educational opportunities for all students.

  • Ensure every student has the tools to support their educational growth  regardless of their ability, socioeconomic status, or background. Every students deserves a culture of inclusivity that helps them grow as a student.

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