Why I am Running

My priorities and commitments to our Leander ISD Community

I am running to serve as your Trustee because I believe in the vision of Leander ISD, I am committed to equity, inclusion, and excellence, and I want to continue to support the staff, students, and parents of our Leander ISD community. 

Through my role as a PTA Leader, I have witnessed what we can accomplish when we ensure that ALL stakeholders in Leander ISD are seen, heard and valued. When elected as your Leander ISD Board of Trustee for Place 4, I will: 

  1. ​​​​Prioritize Collaboration and Community Led Decision-Making,

  2. Invest in a Better Tomorrow, &

  3. Champion Policies that Promote Safe and Supportive Schools. 

  • Rebuild trust between the community, district administration, and school board by listening to our community members. We need leaders who are willing to bring an open mind to every discussion and who are willing to hear from teachers, students, parents, and community members. I am willing. And I am ready. 

  • Provide north side representation to the Board of Trustees. Currently there are no Trustees who reside north of Cedar Park, despite the rapid growth of the area. It is vital that we ensure that every student and community in Leander ISD is represented to the fullest.  ​ 

  • Advocate for policies that reduce the focus on high-stakes testing, increase funding for public schools, and ensure stronger support for our educators.  

  • Endorse fiscally responsible practices that prioritize providing resources to build community and prepare our students and district for long-term success rather than pursuing needless litigation.  

  • Prioritize mental health in our schools. Our students have been home since March and this pandemic is a taking a toll on our community.  I am prepared to listen to our students and staff and provide an environment that is safe for everyone.  

  • Advocate for an inclusive, growth-minded culture where all students belong and thrive, and where student well-being is prioritized and supported. When we create a safe school environment that respects and nurtures the whole person, where growth and creativity are encouraged, we equip students for greater success in school and beyond.

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